Tips for creating an engaged workforce

  • Recognise that you can’t buy employee engagement – you have to create the conditions in which staff choose to give it
  • Be prepared to commit the necessary time, effort and resources in order to build and maintain employee engagement
  • Discover what your staff really think. An employee attitude survey is the first step towards identifying how staff feel about a range of work-related issues
  • Use the key issues that emerge from your employee survey to establish a baseline for your employee engagement programme
  • Set priorities based on the information you gather from your survey and the follow-up to it such as focus groups. Agree which ones are achievable within a given timeframe
  • Ensure line managers have the competencies they need to engage staff: e.g. understanding how to facilitate and empower rather than control and restrict (Download this useful CIPD report to learn more)
  • Remember that employee engagement isn’t only about helping your staff to do their jobs; it’s about treating them as people who have a life outside work too
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