“Who is responsible”

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“Talent and Reward: ‘The Times, They Are a Changin’”

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I have a question for you

Having recently passed the Gregorian New Year and before we start the Chinese New Year of the Horse is the perfect time to shape the year ahead with the benefit of 2013 hindsight. This also coincides with a recent mentoring … Continue reading

Employee Benefits Live 2013

Check out Sylvia’s slides from the Employee Benefits Live 2013 conference on “How to structure the remuneration package “back to basics”- measuring and paying for performance”on the following link  

Rewarding Tips:The DOs and DON’Ts of setting up a reward structure

DO Make sure you put a structure in place, even if it’s a relatively simple one to begin with. DO Identify the things that are really important to your staff – including non-financial benefits – and incorporate them into your … Continue reading