Services - Equal Pay Audits

Equal Pay Audits or Equal Pay Reviews

Are your pay structures causing pay equality issues?

How do you determine the reward packages you offer to different employee groups? Also, in the current world where pay differentiation according to performance continues to be important, how can you ensure that performance-related pay or bonus schemes are not discriminatory? In light of the 2010 Equality Act employers need to understand the impact of equality legislation on pay, benefits and total reward.

As some employers already recognise, employees who receive different reward outcomes for the same skills and results as colleagues can expect engagement issues to arise. The equity and quality of your reward practices and policies are areas where your business may be at risk, setting aside the damage to your reputation.

At Reward First ® People Consulting, we work with you to help save you making costly mistakes. Equal Pay Reviews (EPRs) represent an important tool in planning and managing this while many employers and employees prefer the impartiality of outsourcing this service to independent experts.

Reviews typically cover gender and age together with other equality parameters where this can be made available. We work closely with you to scope the service and also provide detailed advice and guidance on issues that arise from the review.

Hand in hand with our Equal Pay Review service, we can also use our expertise to design other bespoke reward services including job evaluation which takes full account of the latest equality requirements and competitive market practices.