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Pay and Grading Structures

Pay structures – How can you ensure that you’ve got the right fit?

As organisations grow, having a well designed relevant pay structure becomes increasingly important to differentiate between different job roles. Is this important? Key benefits include establishing a clear system capable of managing jobs at different levels.

By setting the framework that determines pay ranges for jobs and job holders, they also help to communicate and explain the relationship to people management policies, including career progression.

A tailored approach

Reward First ® People Consulting works with clients to develop the right pay framework. From initial brief, through to design, implementation and evaluation, we ensure that your pay structure is fully capable of delivering your organisational goals by:

  • Designing and implementing new pay structures which may vary for different employee groups.
  • Pay structure examples include Job family; narrow grades; broad bands; career family etc.
  • Developing pay structures underpinned by proprietary or bespoke job evaluation systems.
  • Reviewing your existing pay structure and recommending improvements where this is relevant.
  • Establishing pay or salary progression frameworks linked to your pay structure.