Rewarding Tips

Focus on your audience when shaping your communications, always keep your audience in mind. For your employees, this will be one of the most important pieces of communication they receive from you.

Who says what and to whom? Always consider who is communicating and to whom e.g. line manager with individual employees, CEO to the whole company, and so on. Though, if senior managers are going to communicate directly with staff, make sure you keep line managers informed.

Involve line managers… Line managers are critical to the success of failure of reward schemes. Ideally, they should be involved at the design stage, so that the systems you decide to put in place are ones that managers can implement.

…and give them the tools for the job when it comes to communicating schemes, line managers can make or break levels of staff engagement. Not only are they key in passing on details about reward structures, they can also pass back vital feedback from staff. So make sure they understand your scheme fully and have the tools to communicate it effectively.

Don’t just talk – be sure to listen! Communication is a two-way process. Seeing that you actively seeking their feedback, will help your staff feel valued and make them more likely to ‘go the extra mile’ that leads to enhanced business performance.

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